X-Lab @ University of Delaware

X-Lab is a research lab affiliated with the Department of Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) at the University of Delaware. We are located within the innovative FinTech building at the University of Delaware's Science Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) Campus. Our primary research focus lies in addressing the latest emerging cyber threats through the development of novel computer systems and comprehensive large-scale empirical measurement studies.


We are working on a wide range of challenging problems in cybersecurity.

Software Supply Chain Security

Secure software development by uncovering threats in package registries and CI/CD pipelines.

Papers: [S&P'23-1][S&P'23-2]
Cybercrime and Internet Measurement

Understand cybercrime activities on various platforms via large-scale measurement studies.

Papers: [Security'22][WWW'21]
Cloud and Data Center Security

Conduct system security research on virtualization and data center infrastructures.

Papers: [CCS'22][NDSS'18]
Container Security

Secure Linux containers by uncovering vulnerabilities in the kernel and container runtime.

Papers: [DSN'22][CCS'19]
Side-Channel Attacks

Explore novel physical and microarchitectural side-channel attacks and defenses.

Papers: [CCS'23][S&P'22][Security'21]
Blockchain Security

Investigate security risks in blockchain based Web 3 and decentralized applications.

Papers: [WWW'24]

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